WWE Survivor Series 2016 Results

Goldberg shocks by dominating Lesnar. Goldberg barely broke a sweat improving to 2-0 against Brock Lesnar. Goldberg brought the Toronto crowd to its feet Sunday night.

A good show overall | 2016 Survivor Series provided one of the most shocking endings in recent memory as Goldberg | out of big-time professional wrestling since 2004 | beat down WWE’s top box office draw Brock Lesnar in just 84 seconds.

This is literally all that happened in the match: Lesnar lifted up Goldberg. Goldberg pushed Lesnar to the ground. Goldberg then speared Lesnar twice in a row and opted not to attempt a pinfall either time. Goldberg finished it by lifting Lesnar into the air | hitting the Jackhammer and earning the 1-2-3.

The finish was absolutely shocking considering the expectation Sunday was that Lesnar | who is on a massive contract with WWE | would get his revenge on Goldberg after falling 12 years ago at WrestleMania XX. Goldberg was believed to be on a one-match contact with WWE as he promotes the WWE2K17 video game | though that may not necessarily be the case considering the finish of this match.

The development leaves a lot of questions hanging out there | most notably the future of Lesnar — who has run through the entire WWE roster and even handed The Undertaker his lone WrestleMania defeat — and whether Goldberg will wind up wrestling again.

Source: http://www.cbssports.com/general/news/wwe-survivor-series-2016-results-live-blog-matches-highlights-updates/

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